Friday, 28 March 2014

Genesis Line Up

Last week all these stars alighned to make this awesome line up!

Croix De Fer
Croix De Fer 953
Day One Disc
Day One Alfine Di2
Col Du Glandon
Equilibrium Ti

We actually ran out of room to fit them all in because we also had:

High Latitude Aline 11
Latitude Ti

But we couldn't fit them all in..

Genesis bikes are pretty hot at the moment and we are told there are some more exciting bikes to come. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Brilliant Genesis Day-One Alfine Di2

This is a lovely bike. 

This would make a super premium pub bike! Or a super sturdy commute bike for the more sensible. Rack mounts, guard clearance etc. 

We are loving the new Di2 version of the 11 Alfine hub from Shimano. The best thing I reckon is the display unit. I can see some really cool applications for this in the near future, built into stems etc. 

It has a reassuring, quick and quality change and it's all set up from the PC. (Remember we can offer software and firmware upgrade for all Di2 platforms in store). 

Genesis are being quite adventurous with their specs this year and we have heard of some more exciting things to come. 

I am sure the owner with enjoy many electronically shifted moments on this steed. 

Tidy Genesis Track Bike

This is the 2014 version of Katie's track bike of which we have pictured before. But this one is a little different. This bike comes with a silver finishing kit and wheels as standard. 

Tim knows the devil is in the details so we have swapped all the silver for black, added white bar tape, white headset, Miche carrier and sprockets and the rather sexy Miche chainset to match. The saddle will be swapped I am told and we kept the wheel reflectors on because we all know they make you go faster!

Nothing better than that 'new bike' feeling. 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Signed Up: Bliss

Bliss is new to the market and as far as armour goes, it's brilliant. The Bliss range contains two type of padding. There's a foam pad type and active gel. It's washable and resilient. The active gel is where it's at! Super comfortable and moldable, the pads absorb impact and unlike other brands on the market they don't degrade. 

Keeny decided he was going to try on a small. It didn't fit. 

This suit with built in back protector was the perfect opportunity to have some fun.. Attacking Keeny with a handle bar was annoyingly softened by the pad protecting his back. I hit him pretty hard aswell and he was hurt. 

They have a pretty good range and we will be stocking them as soon as they arrive in early April. 

They are ideal for XC, trail and mainly Enduro riders. Lightweight and unrestrictive, the quality is enhanced by the well designed fabrics and tough construction. 

They even have a bag that's got loads of internal pockets, quality zips, bladder compatible and of couse contains a back protector built in. Removable when not required, this bag is everything you could want from a riding bag. 

Check out in April for info. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Custom Van Nicholas Amazon

After a recent batch of Van Nicholas orders, I thought we could share this one. 

Custom spec'd as part of a pair, the gents Amazon is derailier geared with a drop bar and the ladies was Rohloff geared with a flat bar. 

Blue was the theme. 

Custom wheels, hand built by Kevin. It's been a busy week for wheel builds, 3 pairs of wheels and 2 individual re-rim jobs. 

Nice metallic bar tape from Fizik

More blue from Hope and Brooks

Sporting TRP Spyre brakes

Dual piston mechanical disc brakes for road with MTB versions coming soon. 

Custom build season has already started. Check back soon to check out a rather tidy Salsa build. 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Ice Bike 2014 - Parts and Accessories

There where just a few new and exciting things this year, but the shoes are a great opportunity to remind us of all the great products that are available at just a click. 

Some tidy POS to illustrate the actual size differences between the three sizes. 

Shimano only make a few wheel models :-/

There are some interesting documents listing part codes by Groupset. Could come in handy I'm sure. 

MPart have rebranded and have a nice range of products. They have a great list of problem solvers that can be hard to find. 

Really really small Allen key set. Nice and thin and lightweight. This one is the starting point starting at only £7.99. More sets are available in the range and I can see these being popular. 

Mudguards to replace SKS. Quality guards. 

Bike storage can offen be a problem but Gear Up have a large array of solutions from single hooks to hoists. 

Continental have launched the GP4000s II and in colours. These will be popular come the spring. 

Shimano's new shoes are looking well this year. But as a colour burst, expect nothing less from Pearl Izumi. 

Lazer had some interesting products to talk about. These large variety of covers will be trending this summer I imagine. 

Jason was looking rather smug for some reason..

But not quite as happy with this lid. I'm not sure why, it's a top dog lid and the glasses are part of a clever integration idea. There are magnets on the straps so the glasses can be attached. (This is still RULES compliant as the glasses attach on the outside if the straps). Another cool point is that there are two more magnets on the back of the helmet so you can store them if you don't want to wear them. 

Thule racks and bags arnt all that new. But they are stunning quality and the ideas behind every design point is justified and well executed. Not the cheapest equipment but the best never is the cheapest. Bar mounted and rack mounted bags, perfect for touring and bike packing. 

Not a current bike but black and yellow, just awesome. 

This has been a long time coming. From Kryptonite Locks, this mounts on the bottle cage bosses and allows you to transport a chain lock securely. Simple, but clever. Ones if those products that should have been around years ago.. 

And as promised, some more images of the Garmin Vivofit Band:

Very nice little product. Simple with only one button and the unit will set targets on your behalf. It's got loads of adjustment and two band sizes included. There are many colours to pick from and they will be in stock very soon. 

There are so many brands and products from Madison that a small write up can't do it justice. We can't wait to have these new products in store!