Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ice Bike 2014 - Bikes.

Another Ice Bike show has come and gone. Biggest show ever this time around. So big it was over two locations. Bikes in one venue and parts and accessories in another. 

Starting off at the bikes. The brands are Ridgeback, Saracen, Genesis, Ridley and Adventure. Some exciting stuff to be seen, most of it the same as at the model launch back in September. 

Kinda cool looking Ridgeback graphics, stepping away from the matte grey look - even if it is for gloss grey on some models.. These momentums look nice anyway. 

Similar colours to be seen on this commute machine. £999 flat bar, Alfine and disc brakes.

And they do a black one with mechs for a few hundred less. 

Always some colours for the kids. Tidy graphics too!

Genesis text and font design hasn't strayed since day-one (get it..) but it's still a great look. Loving some of the new colour ways. 

Rocking the Reynolds colours. 

This is going to kick off for next year. So popular this year, you were lucky to get one, 3x the ordering for this year to meet demand. As a result the price is set to drop despite some improvements. 

The bags were also a hit, check back for some more info on these.. 

Word of these being fitted on 2015 bikes. Twin piston mechanical brakes, TRP Spyke. 


Saracens are looking good as always. Loving the brash colours and great finish. I think you will be seeing a lot more from Saracen this year. Really stepping up to the plate and making great bikes. 

That's the commute covered.

And sub £1000 road bike covered. 

And the 'hack' bike covered. So fitting that they called them Hack. 

Before we had a chance to really look around the bikes we were guided to a not so secret, secret room where we presented with 3 rather tasty bits of news. I am sure they will be all over BikeBiz by the time I publish this blog but like I said, I think you will be seeing some more of Saracen this year. The guys have really been working hard and the outcome is pretty. 

Just after taking in the Saracen goodness, we found ourselves in another side room with a nice man who's been set a task and wanted our feedback. Cool stuff to come from Sportline next year. 

And that's just the bikes.. 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Katie's Genesis Track Bike

Just a quickie, wanted to share some info on the track bike. 

We had the track bike in recently and a customer asked about the weight. 

And here's the answer:

8.1kgs with pedals. 

Personally I think that's pretty impressive for a £500 bike. 

This bike is proving popular with beginners and more experienced riders alike because it's a great UCI legal bike. 

And as we have seen, it seems to be doing fairly well with Katie powering it. 

Garmin Vivofit Band

As part of our staff training on Wednesday, we will no doubt be taking a good look at one of Garmins latest offering. 

The Vivofit band may be a little late to the game and there are quite a few other bands in the market but the Garmin has a few interesting things going for it. 

Vivofit has come simple but clever features. Steps, distance, calories and time. The band allows you to keep track of your steps and tells you how far away from your target you are and even tells you if you have been inactive for too long. 

There are two models of Vivofit. The basic model and one that come with a heartrate monitor included. 

The band will always be on, this means it will be tracking certain body parameters even while you sleep. So you can see how many hours you sleep and how many of those are restful. 

Regular syncing will secure your information locally with your computer and you then have the option to share this information via the normal social media outlets and via Garmin Connect. 

Some of us in store have already pre-ordered these bands and we will be getting them in stock as soon as they are available. I am sure there will be more images and information to share after Wednesday. 

Watch this space. 

Half Term Holidays

This half term I've been really busy, since Saturday I've been training and racing and of course socialising while on a bike!
On Saturday I was in Newport on the track racing the elimination, scratch and  the points race for a second time this year.

Then on Sunday I went out on a road ride with youth members of Solihull cc, club rides are a great time for a good chat with your friends as well as training at the same time.

Monday was a much needed rest day after a hectic weekend!

Tuesday I was back on the bike and this time it was a road RSR (regional school of racing) which British Cycling coaches organise and take control off.

Wednesday was another training session but this time indoors on the turbo which isn't my favourite thing but needs to be done.

Then on Thursday it was back on the road for another long ride with Solihull cc again. Thanks to Alistair for putting my mud guards on under 15 minutes just before I left for the ride in pouring rain - much appreciated!

Friday was also a hard session but this time on the track bike on my rollers.

Thanks to the shop for my new shimano shoes which they ordered in and also I hope you enjoyed the cakes I made, but personally I think I should stick to cycling and not become a chef :)

Katie Clements

Monday, 10 February 2014

Our Look 566 Custom

Well isn't this a pretty bike. 

Large 56cm frame, Ultegra Groupset, 3T carbon wheels, bars and stem. 

We have totted all this to a RRP of £4499. We can offer this one off bike for £3499! Because we built this bike, we can play around with the spec. 

Come in and have a look. It's already causing heads to turn!

Saracen Ariel 151

Just a few little pics of this little stunner. Great value for money, carbon rear end, dropper post, Fox forks, clutch mech, all standard. 

This one is sold but check back later as we may have one of our own..