Thursday, 24 October 2013

Which ones your favourite?

We happened to have a pair of 29ers in the shop at the same time so perfect chance for some pic's :-)

So we have a 2013 Trek Stash with stealth Reverb and green pedals, otherwise standard. SLX brakes, front mech and shifters, XT rear mech, Fox forks and Bontrager everything else. 


Tomac Flint custom build. X-fusion forks, Thomson stem and seatpost, Saint cranks and rear mech. XT shifter. Gamut chain ring. LOADS of Hope bits - seat clamp, headset, bottom bracket, brakes, rotors, wheels (Stans rims) and skewers. ODI Troy Lee grips and Renthal handle bars. Also it was fitted with the new Brook Cambium saddle that arrived this morning. 

Me likey! (I do have a soft spot for the Trek.. It's mine.)


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Custom Built MTB Tourer

Going to keep this one simple, another custom built beauty. 

Lee Cooper has taken Kevin's drawings and made them reality once again and doesn't it just look great. 

It's exciting to see the finished project and the paint choice on this one is stunning in the sunlight. 

You all know by now that all you need to do is come in and see us for more information on custom builds and frame building from Lee. 


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Out On The Bikes!

As many of our regulars will know, we spend all our time fixing, selling, upgrading and talking about bikes but we rarely get out on them! A few days ago we tackled the impossible, lived the dream and went out for a bike ride. 

I must admit that at this stage our main focus and target is the pub. We aren't out to break records or set the road a blaze with our immense speed but to be in a position to require the refreshment that pubs offer. 

This event did gather a range of bikes types, we had: alloy, carbon, steel and titanium. 

It did give us an opportunity to try out our new Trek Domane's, alloy and carbon. Lets just say, if you don't ride bikes or you have ridden a stiff bike, it's a world apart. These bikes still move when you stomp on the pedals but they have the compliance that makes them super comfortable when in the saddle. The alloy bike has at least 5% more compliance than its rivals and the carbon has a massive 35% more than its rivals. Beyond reciting the info off the trek site lets just get it strait, I'm impressed!

As Trek are making some changes to the way they structure the model years, it's worth dropping in and having a chat about what's new. I say this because everyone needs a Domane!


Friday, 9 August 2013

Surly Pugsley

This tank of a bike is just great! The Pugsley has caused loads of 'second takes' in the shop this week. This is a demo bike and our enquiring customer was impressed just at the sight of the beast. 

I have had a blast around the block on the Surly and it's surprisingly responsive with higher tyre pressures and the 4" tyres definitely turn heads. It has a much more aggressive tread on this model compared to my other fat bike experience - the Mukluk (as seen in the past posts in this blog). 

Jason built the bike and told me its in the region of 38lbs, of which I think is a lie because it doesn't feel that heavy. Besides, this has enough braze on points to fit all the racks, guards and cages you could ever want. You could add some considerable weight and plod along quite happily. 

Typical fat bikes features include huge BB, special cranks and 135mm front hub spacing. 

I really enjoy these bikes and it seems like a growing market so expect to see more of these in the coming years as I think riders are getting excited for off road touring and 'adventure' rides. 

For more information, to arrange viewing and even a test ride please visit us in store. As with most bikes, we can custom build from the frame up or full builds are available. 


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Factory Fresh

As the sun shines we get a chance to see some interesting and some shockers. This week we had a beauty!

This Raleigh Record Ace looks factory fresh. You can tell this bike has been loved and it doesn't need much to get it back on the road. Everything on this bike is original, I mean everything. You wouldn't believe that even tyres would still look this good, no cracks or splits, just some slight discolouration. 

The reason the bike is in with us is down to the fact that the wheels aren't really as tidy as the rest of the bike. The spokes are the only thing that really need changing and that's all in progress now. A simple rebuild with new spoke will get this lovely bike back on the road. 

There will be an update when the wheels are done - getting this bike back in the sun. Meanwhile the happy customer and his wife are riding around on some rather nice Ridgebacks while the Raleigh is in the workshop. 


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

ACT Bike Shop of the Month

Yep, quite chuffed to say that we got it!

This also means we have been put forward for the IRC Awards

We are very grateful for this at JAC!

I think ' :-) ' says it all!


Friday, 31 May 2013

Sunny Weekend Ahead

I have heard a rumour that this weekend is going to be much like the last. Well, not quite as warm but it's a perfect chance to get out there and enjoy the sun. 

As you would expect, as the weather starts to look up, our workshop becomes busier. We recommend that you call or email us sooner rather than later to ensure you have your bike ready for when you want it. 

If you discover your bike is in need of a little TLC give us a call and get booked in! We can check your bike over in store and get that bike back on the road (or off road). 

Here's some pics from a few weekends ago. Lets hope you get all the sun this weekend!


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Van Nicholas goodness

As you will know, we have been selling Van Nicholas bikes for some time now. They have a keen (see what I did there..) eye for detail and their bikes are look rather splendid. 

We have various models in stock at the moment; Amazon, Yukon and Ventus.

Even better they are great value for money and customisable. With all that to offer its important to come in store and see out resident Van Nic Guru, Kevin. 

So whether its custom geometry or custom spec, we can get it right!


Friday, 24 May 2013

Ok, so this is still running..

After the little 'switching over' period, it has been decided that this blog is still going to be the active blog. It's a long story that isn't interesting in any way, shape or form so we shall just get back to it and restart the blogging action!

It has been a busy 5 months since the last post, we have some new kit, new stock and new staff. You can now find a 'John Atkins Cycles Workshop' Facebook page of which will be maintained by our new workshop manager and reoffending John Atkins inmate Jason. You will find a full range of Mavic wheels, tyres, helmets and shoes now in stock and selling really well. They fit well and look great! We have our new race team headed up by our main man Keeny - it's exciting to have a fresh racing team with the van and kit recently making the trip to Germany for the 4x. For more information on the team progression check out our Facebook or our new site:

All this plus more. I will endeavour to get the blog back up to speed with details on some great bikes and other things that happen in store. 

So keep your eyes peeled, we will be back on it!


Friday, 11 January 2013

Blog Migration

As some of you will have seen, we have our great new look website!

One feature of this site is that it has a built in blog. Over time we will be swapping over to the new site and the blogs will fade out on here - Blogger. This should make it better to link in new products and keeps all of our banter in one place. This Blogger account will still stay active and there will be more blogs to come until the new one is up and running.