Saturday, 30 June 2012

Thanks Scott!

We had a nice little delivery this week. 

Yes, it is one of the Yeti BMX frames and yes its signed by Scott Beaumont! This is another bit of bike art. :-)

Thanks Scott!


Thursday, 28 June 2012

What I found in Shred Mag...

I was flicking through the latest issue of Shred Magazine and stumbled across this article about the Yeti Tribe Meet of which happened 23-24 June. As you will have seen, we do a fair amount of Yeti bikes so this caught my interest but it wasn't the rather nice retro bike that prompted the blog post.. Seeing the Bullseye cranks on the bike sparked a thought...

We only have a bag full on Bullseye spare parts! (I suspect that its the last new old stock in the country)

We have axles, some hubs (front and rear) and other retro lovely-ness!

If you are trying to repair any old parts or are thinking of sourcing some old bits, give us a call. All of it is for sale and you will need to get in touch to see what we have... we are not putting it on the website any time soon :-) 01926 430211


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Maverick Service Kits now back in stock!

We have been getting these kits from the USA for some time now. We have been waiting for these to arrive for a little while and they are finally here! So if you need those DUC's or SC's servicing give us a call and get them booked in or you can order them via the web.

We also have a great deal on our built Maverick Durance in store and our last Durance frame online:

£999 to clear as its the last one. For more information call 01926 430211


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Custom Yeti ASR 5 build

You may notice that these pictures were taken inside on this occasion... When the bike was built the weather outside was appalling so this time the photos were taken inside. Mixes things up a bit :-p

Tidy build overall. 


Friday, 15 June 2012

Liteville 301 Frame in store!

This is another stunning piece of engineering from the peeps at Liteville. This frame has been out for a little while but to actually see one gives you the chance to understand all the work that goes into one of these frames. Its in store now with a £1899 Retail Price. Pop in for more details. 


Thursday, 14 June 2012

LOOK Framesets on Super SALE!

These frames are great value and now on sale at our lowest ever prices.

Remember that all of these framesets include free delivery and if you are local we will do a free bike fit in store to ensure these frames are the correct size. We offer a custom build service and we can build these frames into bikes of your specification. 

We even have more frames in store from LOOK and other brands!

Also remember, 0% finance is available in store (charges may apply on sale items) and our guys are always here to give help and advice when choosing that perfect race machine! 


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Oh you know you want these.

Titanium accessories from Van Nicholas have been available for a while now but we just wanted to let you know that we can get these in to order! We do regular orders with Van Nicholas and these quirky gifts and accessories often appear on those order lists...

If you ever need any of these great Titanium products then get in touch and we will make sure they are on the next order.