Thursday, 27 October 2011

I Want a Bike With This On! Seat Tube Shifters!

I think seat tube shifters should come back into fashion. There have been worse acts of bike fashion in the last few years. I may make it my mission!

Also I would like to ask all of you to add Gary Fisher as a friend on Facebook because he manages to find loads of interesting bike related banter!


Yeti SB66 Demo bike now available @ John Atkins Cycles

We now have our very own John Atkins Cycles DEMO SB66 from Yeti.

This is a great bike and we are now taking orders for the next batch from Yeti.

If you want a go, give us a call on 01926 430211 or come down to John Atkins Cycles to see the bike!

And yes the custom stickers were done in store by yours truly! :-)


Friday, 21 October 2011

Share our Roads

This is great, I wish they would get ad's like this on local buses.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Kinetic By Kurt Trainers now IN STOCK!

We now have Kinetic Trainers in stock both online and in store!

We also have a Rock and Roll Trainer set up for you to demo at John Atkins Cycles! If you are interested and want to have a go please pop in with your bike or let us know on 01926 430211


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The new John Atkins Cycles site is here.

Well, new... maybe not but tweaked is more accurate! The new is boasting a new sales section where you can go on and see some of the bikes we have in store and on deals. They will only be there for a limited time so act fast and give us a call! 01926 430211


Saturday, 15 October 2011


This fat bike has been long awaited and is super awesome.

It has been getting a lot of attention in store! People are loving the Salsa Mukluk!


Coroflot and bikes!

This is a great site if you are a designer of any kind but transport seem to always make their way into the lime light.

Check this on out.

If you have any new and exciting designs, get them on here for the big guy to see!


Huge Range of Endura Online!

A large amount of Endura items can now be found online and with FREE DELIVERY!

There are all sorts of winter essentials online now!


Hope Lights On-Deals Online!

We now have our full range of Hope lights in store, online!

Follow the links to find a great deal with FREE DELIVERY!

Front lights

And Rear Lights


Scott delivery no.1

We have just had our first allocation of the 2012 Scott bikes. 

We now have in stock:

CR1 Team 
Volt-x 30 and 40 BMX's

There are loads of exciting things to come so keep an eye out on the blog!

This also means that we have the 2011 bikes on sale! Now is the best time to pop in and grab a deal on 2011 bikes!

We have 2011:

CR1 Comp
CX Comp
S55 Flat bar
Just to name a few with different sizes available!

Come in and check out our deals!


Friday, 14 October 2011

Continental Delivery

We just had a rather large Conti order arrive yesterday. 

We have a large range in stock now and they will be appearing on the website soon.. keep an eye out.

Keeny did a sterling job of labeling all 80 or so tyres..

So whether you are on or off road, we have winter tyres for you!


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sale bikes from John Atkins Cycles

By the end of the week there will be a new look (well more re-vamped) John Atkins Cycles Website and that will have a few changes from the old site...

The old site had the collection bikes, well we have decided that we will try and rotate these bikes through the shop and have a section where they can be viewed (but this is just on paper for now...) so that section has been removed from the website. The other new piece is the Sale Area. There will be up to 9 sale items on the website at any point. These may be bikes, parts or accessories but they will hold special web offers and will only be available for select amounts of time. These will not be available to purchase through but its acts as an advertising space for people to see some of the great offers we have in store. You can get extra information about the bikes on the site by calling or emailing the shop:

01926 430211

We are aware that the site has been a bit stale over the last few weeks so we are making extra effort to keep these sites up to date with fresh new 'stuff'. 


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pashley Guv'nor 3 Speed Fixed!!

We have had this bike in for a little while but very few people know of its awesome custom-ness! 

This bike is sporting a Stirmy 3 speed rear hub but the fixed version! We have also changed the saddle for a more pliable Brooks B17 Brown. This bike is still running a front brake for safety but I understand most of the hardcore fixie riders lose them quick-smart. 

If you are interested in the bike here are some more details:

Frame size - 20"
Price - £999 NOW £799!!!

Let us know on 01926 430211

or pop in to store.


Friday, 7 October 2011

Colnago C59 Italia!

This is a sweet bike!

I will let the pictures do the talking...

If you want more info on Colnago or this beauty let us know..


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Anyone for Golf?

If you are local and have played at the Newbold Comyn Golf Course in Leamington, then you may have seen our advert on the LUCKY 13th hole. Soon you will be able to find discount vouchers on that advertisement and they can be used in store and soon online. Keep checking back on this blog to hear when the vouchers will be there. 

But for now, you can come in to see some of the great deals we have on bikes, accessories and clothing instore NOW!



Well well, we are at that time of year again. We have taken stock of a lot of new clothing lines and that means there are some deals to be had. We have 2 SALE RAILS in store where you get 25% off the marked price! The best bit... its not all summer clothing, there are loads of winter jackets, base layers etc from plenty of brands. We have a full range in store at great prices so if you like Santini, Pearl Izumi, Madison etc etc then get down to John Atkins Cycles and see what we have on sale. 


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sale Time!!!

It's sale time at JAC and online with KR. We have all sorts in the same from complete bikes at all price points, clothing from many brands and components to make this a great time to upgrade! Come in store or enquire online for more details.


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Cycle Show 2011

There was some excitement about this show and its change in location to the NEC in Birmingham.

We went and here are a few pictures of some of the stuff we liked.

Cool looking Dutch bike! Looked robust... should never break it!

Awesome TT effort!

Love to see Surly bikes, Love to see Ortlieb bags, LOVE to see YELLOW Ortbieb bags and all together looked awesome. Me likey! 

Loving the Details

We are getting 3 of the 100 of these Kansi F20 when they come in at the start of the year. Only one will be for sale though..

The Pipedream was clearly getting there on time :-)

I know this is scary but it was funny too, needed to be done :-) cheers Ed