Monday, 26 September 2011

Rohlover shifter mounts in stock now!

Finally here and you guessed it... Free delivery!


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Brompton Freestyle!

This is a very good video and proves that Brompton's are well made sturdy machines. Although saying that, I'm sure they will be having a few more 'warranty' claims through when other people try and do the same...

Video Link:

Of course we sell Brompton's and they are great British bikes and hugely customisable!
Call in store for more information 01926 430211


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Well Done Helen Howells!

A big congratulations to Helen Howells for coming 5th at the World Triathlon Championships in Beijing!

From all at John Atkins Cycles


This is some amazing riding!

This is the type of stuff that used to happen and I think its amazing!

Sorry if the picture is a bit small and I hope you can read it all.

Just love it!


Monday, 12 September 2011

An hour in the workshop

This video by Andy Morley was an act of genius! We did mock many staff members after seeing the video. :-)

Great edit and choice of music too!!



Saturday, 10 September 2011

Custom bike builds.

At John Atkins Cycles there have been a huge range of different custom builds. We build bikes from the ground up to the spec chosen by the customers who wanted something unique. Whiter it's a DH bike, touring bike or road bike, we build them all. We can even get frames custom built to the riders specific requirements and geometry.

Pictures attached are some examples...

If you are interested in a custom build then get in touch 01926 430211


Gotta love a good rainbow

I was out on Warwick golf course earlier in the driving rain but as they say 'to see a rainbow you have to have the rain'. And that's what I got as a reward. It went all the way over the sky - lovely.


Scott 2012 Bikes!

We are now taking orders at JAC for the new Scott 2012 Bikes!

There are some very lovely bikes in there range and everything from town bikes, BMX's bikes and super nice road bikes!

A new bike for 2012 is the Foil.

Here are some sneak peeks of the Foil.

and my Fav colour... :-)

For more info visit:

If you are interested in any Scott bikes then let us know and we can give you some advice. 
JAC - 01926 430211


John Atkins Cycles shop pictures

Just a quick one, here are some up to date pictures of the shop. It's buzzing at the mo with new and exciting products and brands. Another thing, 2012 season starts now and there are some very exciting new products in store right now!


My Pashley revamp.

I have been thinking about giving my Pashley roadster a bit of a face lift for a while. There are some simple things that can change the look of a bike in a huge way but not cost the earth.for those of you that know what a Pashley Roadster Classic looks like, let me know what you think of it now...

The changes are...

New stem. This makes the bike a little lower and longer.
New saddle. The double spring brooks was shipped out for a ti and copper special
Brooks grips. Because they are lovely :-)
Removed the rear rack and wheel guards.
Flipped the bars. Turning them over costs no money but transforms the bike from a sit up and beg to a head down racer.
Brooks mud flap. Because it has to be done ;-)

So all in all this is a usable classic looking hand built steel bike from Stratford. Now one of the favorites in my collection


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Wow, some people think ignoring experts is the way forwards...

This article from Bike Biz explains how a study has highlighted that there are some people don't cycle more because its 'not normal'. It also continues to explain how local authorities should ignore regular cyclists when designing new cycle infrastructure. Well personally I think that's madness. I can sympathise with people who either don't want to ride or its not possible but when people say its not 'normal', well I think that's a bit much. 

There are many interesting points in article and it is a must read:


Is this the real end of Race Face?

Bike Biz have confirmed that the great MTB brand Race Face will be closing their doors.

This is a great shame and we will have to see what happens to the name and the great designs. 

Read the full article here:

We will keep an ear to the ground and wait to see what happens next...


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Into Strange and Weird Bikes?..

If so then you need to get on facebook and join the group called

'The Weirdy Beardy Bike Group'

Make sure you add pictures of your weirdy bikes!




Now this is a touring bike!

Check out the rest of the article here:


Healthy Competition!

Here at Kinetic Rush and John Atkins Cycles we have a Facebook competition going on and we need YOUR help!

We need you to follow these links and like the KR and/or JAC page!

At the moment JAC are winning but only by a few. So please get liking!


Friday, 2 September 2011

Have £6000 spare?

Check out this beauty from Pashley!


More Pics Here:


How to lock a bike up in Tokyo - Gary Fisher

Here is a link from Gary Fisher. He is currently in Tokyo for the launch of the new Trek bikes over there. 

Clearly very trusting...

New Trek Bikes are also available here now. John Atkins Cycles have some of the new models in, built and ready to ride now!


Longer Lorries.. I don't think so!

The CTC are getting together to get in the way of new plans to allow LONGER lorries on the UK roads. If you have ever cycled on the road and found yourself with a massive truck trying to scoot around you, there will be some feelings against this plan to allow even longer lorries on the road!

On the other hand the CTC have created this amusing picture to illustrate what a 'big' and 'bigger' lorry looks like. Make me smile anyway! :-)

"Ahhh that's what a 'bigger lorry' looks like." :-)

Back to business though! Read this and give your support:


Ultegra Di2...

Yes we have the start to our 2 Shimano Ultegra Di2 group sets arriving now. We will have one set up on a test bike and the other set will be for sale. This will be attached to one of our demo turbo trainers and will be a great opportunity to test a bike, electric group set and a video/virtual reality turbo trainer!

 If you like the sound of this get in touch and we will keep your details and let you know when the bike etc is complete.


Wow, Get you hands on this!

As well as bikes, cars are an interest of mine. While looking for a favorite car magazine I couldn't help but laugh at this. Maybe the publishers are running out of things to write about...

Look at all those stunning vehicles on the cover!

Is there a bike equivalent to this?


Thursday, 1 September 2011

This did give me a fright!

Brooks lovers, I am sure you will have seen this already.

It made me very confused to start with! :-)

There are some great photos in there too!


What something we don't list on the Website?

If there is an item that you think we can get but we don't list then get in touch! Chances are that there are people just like you wishing we did an item but we don't have it listed on the site. There are many brands that we stock and can get in stock. Whether you want an item from Brook, Chris King, Endura etc etc we may be able to get it if its in stock with them. If you are un-sure whether we deal with a certain brand, again get in touch and we will let you know. If we can get the product you want, we can create a listing on the website and you can purchase the item like any other. 

Like this bag? Let us know and we can get it uploaded...


Chris King... Campagnolo..?

Well well, This January those Campag users can join the Shimano equipped Chris King road riders! It has been a long time coming and it would be great to see some of our Campag users on Chris King items too!  King hubs are being built into road bikes more and more because of there reliability and super cool finish. Campag additions to the line up would make for a great winter bike build for example. If you are interested in Chris King Products them pop in store to get your hands on some hubs, BB's and headsets. They will also be appearing online soon!

For more info visit:


Something cool!

I love this!

The rest of the photos are here: