Saturday, 27 August 2011

This Blog is Awesome!

If you are like me and a fan of quirky, different, strange and amazing adventure bikes then keep an eye out on this blog:


Mukluk bikes from Salsa coming soon!

We have a pair of these beauties coming soon. They will be available around the middle of October. I must confess that one of them is already reserved... ;-)

They boast some impressive stats...
Front Axel: 135mm
Rear Axel: 170mm
BB: 100mm
Tyres: 3.8"
Decals: Reflective!

This is an awesome bike. Made better by the fact that there are now some tyres available that are great for normal cross country use, available as of next season.

Check out the beast!


OMG I want this!

This 10,000 brick masterpiece is awesome!

See the entire article here:

If anyone wants to get me a Christmas present this year... :-)


Online Sale!

At the moment we have a massive clothing sale going on online! There are 123 different offers in the Clothing category alone. Now is the time to grab a bargain and get some of the winter essentials ahead of time. 

Here is an offer for the ladies. 34% off!

and here is one for the Gents. 28% off!

And the best part of these deals... FREE UK DELIVERY!

So have a good look around the site, check out the great offers and some are limited numbers so get in there quick!!


Friday, 26 August 2011

Don't you hate it when this happens....

This is what welcomed us in one of the offices this morning. Darn-it. 

I have a feeling it will still be like that long into next week....


Does anyone want to test ride an Alfine 11 Hub geared bike?..

We have one at John Atkins Cycles that's ready to rock and roll. 

The Kona A is a single speed full-susser by design so the Alfine slotted in just fine. If you want to have a go give us a call on 01926 430211 or pop in to have a look. 


Yes Sir, Your bike is in there somewhere....

Love this!


Here is an interesting article...

Bike Biz have commented on the Sustrans project 'Free Range Kids'.

Its a great idea to get kids out and about more of the time. When people compare bikes to the latest in computer games or other trends it can be seen as quite 'old school' in terms of technology. I would like to see more people buying bikes as gifts as well as a proper means of transport and fun. After all riding a bike is fun! I also think that the more you ride a bike the more enjoyable it becomes. Even commuting to work can be enjoyable... no really :-) 

See.. Hes loving it!

I must say I'm not sure on the term 'free range'. I imagine a packet in the supermarket selling 'Free Range Kids' a bit weird... :-)

Read the full article here:


Thursday, 25 August 2011

For all those Retro lovers out there!

This is a beauty! A rare beast now too.
Its always nice to see bikes like these still being loved and some are still being used as they were designed to be used.

Read the rest of the article here:


A New Brand!

I had a very exciting delivery this morning...

These babies!

We have done a deal with the premium brand Lightweight Wheels and they are now here. We are one of a handful of shops in the UK who can supply Lightweight Wheels and we are very excited to have this demo set in sock now at John Atkins Cycles for you to try. 

They are a beautiful bit of kit and would look nice keeping your bike off the floor! :-)

If you would like to know more about the wheels or to arrange to Demo the set we have give us a call on 01926 430211 and we can arrange that.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Just a Thought...

I have just been thinking, what was the last decent bike game? I remember back in the day when there were some MTB games on the PS2 but they never seemed to be quite as good as other sporting games. So... is there going to be another bike bike game soon? 

Anyone remember this..?

I do believe that more interactive games will become popular. For example we have a Tacx Turbo Trainer in store and set up for you to try. This trainer enables you to steer the bike and play an interactive game on the screen. I reckon here will be more and more devices like this in the coming years. But a nice PS3 game would be good for now.... Please.... :-)


Trek Set to Improve the Already Impressive FX Range

As some of may already know, some of the 2012 bikes have already landed although the current bikes are still available. This gives us the opportunity to see the specs of the new bike ahead of the official product launch. As well as a new paint scheme, the bikes will be largely upgraded from last year. The main benefit will come from the upgraded, lighter frames but there are some specification changes that is sure to increase the want of this already popular cycle range. The addition of better components and clever ergonomic features help make these bikes a market leader and we are finding this the case as well in store. At John Atkins Cycles we have a large range of FX bikes in stock and on display.

The 2011 are in stock now and more 2012 bikes will be in stock soon. Pop into John Atkins Cycles to arrange test rides and custom fittings etc. 01926 430211


GoPro Cameras now Online!

Now you will be able to find the newest GoPro Cameras and accessories on our website. Just like everything on the website, they are available with FREE UK Delivery. 

Either follow this link:

Or search GoPro on


2012 Exposure Lights Announced

U.S.E's light range, Exposure have announced to the cycle trade that the 2012 lights are packing some new and exciting features. Cooler LED's that improve battery life are just one of them.

They have presented an impressive range of lights coming into the 2011 season and they are proving a popular choice with healthy competition from Light and Motion and Hope just to name a few. My personal favorite would have to be the 'Six Pack'. Back in the winter I commuted down the local canal tow paths with a selection of lights strapped to the bars of my Kona Ute.

This was a great way to test all of the lights one at a time but in the same conditions. (Also John Atkins cycles have a sample of each light available for Demo use - so pop in and give one a try in time for the winter season!). The canal commute was a great opportunity to use the lights and I must say that there is a light for everyone and every budget. The Six Pack was my favorite because on the canal there less people to blind as you illuminate everything in sight. Its like turning the Sun on! Is also comes with a very robust bracket that attaches to the handle bars. This can be said for a lot of the lights in the Exposure range. John Atkins Cycles have all models in Demo form and we have decent stocks of both Exposure and Hope lights. So don't leave it too late into winter, come and have a look now!


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Growing Cycle Interest

A BBC report has revealed that the cycle industry is creating a nice sum towards the UK economy. It is nice to see more and more cycles on the roads and tracks of the UK and all sorts of people choosing this form of transport. Whether its for leisure, commuting, training or racing, the fact that bikes are now becoming more a common sight can only be a good thing. This is reflected in the later part of the article. Its reported that cyclists have less sick days than non cyclists. More benefits for cyclists needed then?.. A well known component manufacture - Chris King, helps their employees by giving them cafe credits if they commute to work. Its called the Commuter Challenge. This seems like a great scheme and I think that if more UK companies/authorities followed the ways of Chris Kings plan, more people may take the leap. After all better health, money saving, less petrol and less sick days are already good reasons to get on that bike!


BBC article:

Chris King:

How exciting :-)

Whats exciting? Well Kinetic Rush have a new blog and if you are reading this.... you are looking at the start of it. It will be the place to find all sorts of exciting things and some of the 'goings on' at the Kinetic Rush and John Atkins Cycles shops. This is just the start, so keep popping back for the newest... well news :-)